GODINA d.o.o. is a family run construction company with more than 30 years’ experience in traffic and municipal infrastructure as well as construction of business structures and homes.

Our story began in 1987 with the acquisition of a lorry. Despite the difficult and challenging conditions businesses faced at that time, we chose what appeared to be the hard way but managed to expand our services step by step over the years. Today we are a successful and competitive company offering the best solutions for your construction needs.

Our survival in the market is a testimony to our quality. This is due to our experience, modern and updated construction fleet as well as our qualified professionals. We are proud of our numerous successfully completed construction projects such as working on municipal infrastructure, traffic works, parking areas and construction of various structures and facilities (business, industrial, energy, sports, recreation and homes).

Our long standing integration with the local community, as well as the quality of our service, are factors which will enable us to positively contribute to the development of our industry. We are a reliable partner to our investors, suppliers and financial institutions.

Our rich tradition is the bedrock we are proud of and our experiences give us strength.

Thank you to all of you who trust us and, together with us, make a better tomorrow.


General Information – Parent Company in Slovenia

Name GODINA gradbeništvo in druge storitve d.o.o.
Short Name GODINA d.o.o.
Address Hrpelje, Obrtno industrijska cona Hrpelje 22, 6240 Kozina
Telephone +386 5 618 12 20
Fax +386 5 618 12 21
E-mail info@godina.si
Director Maks Godina
Tax Number SI 54687080
Registration Number 2296225000
Account Number SI56 3000 0001 3242 185 – Sberbank d.d.
SI56 1010 0004 3349 392 – Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.
SI56 0432 1000 1398 957 – NOVA KBM d.d.
SI56 1910 0001 0157 409 – DBS d.d.
SI56 1910 0001 0268 668 – DBS d.d.
SI56 3300 0000 5877 415 – HYPO BANK d.d.

General Information – Croatia Branch

Name GODINA gradnja i druge usluge d.o.o.
RIJEKA BRANCH main branch
Address Rijeka, Ulica Miroslava Krleža 4, 51000 Rijeka
Telephone +385 98 996 9762
E-mail info-ri@godina.si
Representative Maks Godina
OIB 40757536919
MBPS 4341996
PDV ID NUMBER HR40757536919
Account Number HR3625030071100099551 – Sberbank d.d.
Account Number HR3324020061100989301 – Erste banka d.d.